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Jayde's Bouncy Castles

14ft Adult Louis Bouncy Castle with Slide Rental

14ft Adult Louis Bouncy Castle with Slide Rental

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You'll feel like a king or queen inside this lavish inflatable. Even with its distinctive look, it exudes an air of elegance and minimalism. Easy entry in and out of the inflatable is provided by the large slide at the entrance. The continual air flow provided by large mesh walls keeps people cool and makes it simple to supervise from any angle. Ideal for a sizable group of children, adults, or a combination of the two. Perfect for festivities like weddings, birthday celebrations, and graduations as well as for just jumping around.


  • Height -7ft
  • Width - 14ft
  • Length-14ft 
  • Age Group: 1-65                                              
  • Maximum Capacity: 15-20
  • Max Weight :2000 lbs 

    Electronic Blower 

    Rate: 120V-60Hz

    Quantity: 2

    Outlet: 2


    At Jayde's Castle, we strive to finish every setup efficiently, effectively, and professionally. Customers are asked to give the delivery team explicit instructions on where they want each item delivered in order to accomplish this and ensure that we are on time for all other deliveries.

    Setup Time Frame: 15-30mins 

    Our setup procedure is simple and easy to understand. 

    • The castle is situated in the allocated region. 
    • The castle is unwrapped, the blower is attached, and it is fastened with straps. 
    • Every zipper along the castle's foundation has been closed with velcro. 
    • The blower's power switch is switched on. 

    For the entire duration of its use, Castle's electric blower needs to be plugged into a single dedicated circuit. When the blower is connected and turned on, please ensure there is adequate space available to allow for proper air movement.

    Extension Cord 

    For an extra $25, a 50-foot extension cord can be provided. Please send an email to to include this option.


    Bouncy Castle Pickup

    On the day of pickup, you MUST pay a $500 security deposit with a credit card only. 

    A copy of your driver's licence will also be required, but only for security reasons ( we will NOT use your information for any other reasons). If the following criteria are met regarding the return of the castle, the security deposit is entirely refundable: 

    • Return the items within the rental period. 

    For every 30 minutes you are late, you will be fined $25. We advise you to choose the appropriate duration for your convenience in order to avoid being overcharged. For late returns, we won't show any tolerance. 

    • Castle must be returned spotless.  
    • Free of food, water, stains, grime, and scratches. If the castle is returned unclean, a $150 cleaning fee will be assessed. 

    • c) If your castle came with ocean balls, make sure they are all returned. If the balls are not returned, you will be charged a replacement fee of $150. 
    • d) You will be required to pay the full local fee to replace the castle you leased if it is stolen or lost. 

    Returning Castle 

    Castles must be returned to the location where they were picked up. You can phone or contact us to let us know you're coming, or you can ring the bell at 13 Jameson Crescent in Brampton. A team member will be on hand to accept the rental. 

    ALL rented goods must be returned in the same condition in which they were received. 

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