20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide - Jaydes Castle 20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide - Jaydes Castle 20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide - Jaydes Castle 20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide - Jaydes Castle

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20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide

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20ft Adult Double Slide Castle with ballpit/waterslide - Jaydes Castle

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Available after September 25


email support@jaydescastle.ca

  • Height: 13ft
  • Length: 20ft
  • Width: 20ft
  • Colour: White
  • Maximum weight: 1500lbs
  • Material Thickness: 0.55mm
  • Age group: 2-50
  • Size 26ft long 13ft wide and 12ft high

Cleaning Fee: $350 

Electronic Blower 

Rate: 120V-60Hz

Quantity: 2

Outlet: 1

At Jayde's Castle, our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient, effective, and professional setup services for our customers. To ensure a smooth process and timely deliveries, we kindly request that customers provide explicit instructions to our delivery team regarding the desired placement of each item.

Setup Process:
Estimated Time: 1hr

1. Location Selection: Choose a suitable area that is flat, level, and free from any obstacles such as rocks, sharp objects, or overhead power lines. Safety is our priority, so make sure there is enough space around the castle for safe bouncing.

2. Castle Unrolling: Lay the deflated bouncy castle flat on the ground within the designated setup area. Ensure it is properly aligned and oriented correctly for optimal setup.

3. Groundsheet Security: If the castle comes with a groundsheet or tarp, spread it out underneath the castle to protect it from dirt, moisture, and wear, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience for the users.

4. Castle Inflation: Securely attach the blower unit to the castle's inflation tube, making sure all connections are tight and properly sealed. Plug the blower into a dedicated power outlet and switch it on. The castle will start inflating and taking shape.

5. Inflation Check: Keep a close eye on the castle as it inflates to ensure it is filling up evenly without any leaks or areas of excessive pressure. Adjust the blower or make necessary adjustments to the castle if needed for optimal inflation.

6. Castle Securing: Once the castle is fully inflated, use stakes or sandbags to anchor it securely to the ground. Insert stakes through the designated anchor points on the castle or attach sandbags to the provided loops. Ensure all connections are tight and secure to guarantee stability.

7. Safety Feature Inspection: Thoroughly inspect all safety features to ensure they are in place and functioning correctly. Check that entrance/exit points are clear, safety netting is intact, and any slide or climbing walls are properly secured for maximum safety during use.

8. Safety Check: Walk around the castle and carefully inspect it for any sharp objects, tears, or potential hazards. Remove any debris or foreign objects from the setup area to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Extension Cord Option:
If you require a 50-foot extension cord, you can include this option for an additional $25. Please send an email to support@jaydescastle.ca to request this extension cord along with your order.

Please note that currently, pick-up services are not available. We appreciate your understanding and are dedicated to providing reliable delivery and setup services to meet your needs.

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