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Jaydes Castle

Diamond Soft Play Package

Diamond Soft Play Package

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Diamond Package

The Diamond package includes our one of a kind electric Merry go round, Ballpit, 4 slide combination and tunnel. This package is the wow factor, kids will literally go crazy for this setup. See the price breakdown for a complete list of what is included.




  1. 7ft x 7ft
  2. Color white


The ocean balls are 7mm thick, and customers are also able to color mix. Please view the following color mixture we offer


  • White and Red
  • White and Pink
  • White and Blue 
  • White and yellow 
  • White and green 
  • White and Orange 

Merry Go Round

For 3 adults of average size and up to 6 children at once, our personalised electric merry-go-round is ideal. The merry-go-round is made of top-notch aluminium and pvc. 500 lb maximum weight limit. There is only one speed on this item, and it is not remote operated. You must securely plug out of the socket to stop, and you must plug the socket in to start.

The merry-go-round is perfect for 2 years up to 60 years old.

No stickers are balloons are allowed on this item.

Price Break down 


  • Delivery ( $1.15 per km) from our local address (13 Jameson crescent, Brampton)
  • Ball pit $150 (required)
  • Ocean Balls $50 (required 
  • Mat ( required )
  • Fence ( required )
  • Slide and Tunnel $150
  • 4 Slide stairs and slide combination $150
  • Merry Go Round $400
  • Set up Labour Free ( Only applies to soft play setup)


At Jayde's Castle, we strive to finish every setup efficiently, effectively, and professionally. Customers are asked to give the delivery team explicit instructions on where they want each item delivered in order to accomplish this and ensure that we are on time for all other deliveries.


Please take note that the door entrance must be at least 7 feet wide for the merry-go-round to fit inside the space during delivery. There is no way to disassemble or flip the merry-go-round on its side. Please be aware that steep stairs cannot be used to access the building by the merry go round. 








There is a strict $150 cleaning fee if any of these rules is violated.

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